Sunday, 27 March 2016

Some days the motivation is harder to find, the willpower to be able to achieve the tasks set out for the day, seems absent and all I feel like doing is crawling back into bed, like today. I just want to pull my quilt up over my head and pretend it's midnight still.
Oh hang on, I was still up at Midnight! Let's make that 4am....

But, despite the constant nagging from my bed (I heard it, I understand you guys can't, being so far away and all...) I dragged myself away and it was during my morning coffee that I remembered watching a group of motivational videos on living life in abundance, the laws of attraction, self esteem...the list could go on! (Actually check it out for yourself, it may help you Click Here!) Remembering that was what made me finish that cuppa and accomplish more than keeping my bed company.

My eBook successfully went live on Amazon, I gained more followers on Twitter and Google+ and I got my washing done! 

Now, when i say I gained more followers, that doesn't mean there is a plethora of Tweeters and Googlers that are following me....I kind of more mean I have some now.

People had given me the impression on more then one occasions that maybe I should take up a different hobby to writing. Actually my ex had actually said it to me. It was a combination of both my stubborn nature, and my love of writing, that made me want to prove that I could successfully write.

After a couple of failed attempts at getting some form of eBook published, I finally managed to get one up and running.

"The Coffee Break Orchid Guide" 

As I type this, the updates are being published and then she'll be LIVE!!! I will add a link to it as soon as I seen that lovely green "Live" status.

So, the moral to today's blog is, don't give up, don't crawl back under those covers, get up and give it a go. You might surprise yourself with your achievements, I know I did.

Stay safe, keep smiling!

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