Friday, 25 March 2016

So Far, So Good....

Why Am I Even Doing This?

Simple.....Because I can.

I think... :)

I love to write, but I have always been the old school type of writer. You know, the one that puts a pen (i.e a long, narrow tubular object containing ink) to paper. Over the decades, I have managed to lose nearly every piece of paper that contained my writings. Now, I usually have a pretty good memory but remembering everything I'd ever written was an impossible feat....

One of my sons came up with the idea of putting them all into Microsoft Word documents after that...say wha? Cooking a feast was something I could easily muster, but computers was a whole different story.

Not wanting to seem unable to achieve something, I set out to learn all about this Microsoft thingy (I'm sure I've heard people describe me as stubborn before...perhaps not). After completing IT and Business Administration courses, I learnt, not only how to drive a computer, but how to successfully save writings all that little box called the hard drive. Win win for me!

I was pretty proud of my accomplishment so far, and was probably bragging about my achievements a bit too much as the son then put up his next challenge..."You should do a blog Mum"


After looking up what this blogging thing was about, I thought I could do that. Challenge accepted!
What would I blog about?
Well, I have started another course; Diploma in Website Development
I know!
Jumped from knowing nothing - zip, zero, zilch, about computers to a Diploma.

Why? Because I know I can succeed.

Afterall, I managed to get this far :)

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