Sunday, 8 May 2016

13 of My Favourite Blogs for Motivation.

Wow! These last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic and it feels like forever since I last posted. Here I am, supposed to be assisting in motivating and inspiring others, and I’ve found I’ve been the one in need of the motivating help. Juggling the everyday tasks merged with family on goings, writing seemed to be put off to the side. My get up and go, had got up and gone!

A much needed break was taken and off I went to sit by the ocean for the weekend. The sound of the waves had always been a soothing, it’d be a place I’d go to and write or draw. A lot of my poetry was written whilst sitting at the beach and I thought what better place to find that inspiration and motivation that had disappeared.

Nope! That didn’t work, but that may have been due to the fact that I didn’t want to do anything except relax. The get up and go was replaced with the sit back and slump. I needed a new avenue.

So, where does a motivator find motivation?

I started off with my usual tactics – looked at my visual goals, read inspirational material, even read over my previous post from March (If you’d like to have a look Click here) and that didn’t seem to be doing it. I decided to have a scour over the Internet and have a read of some other motivational and inspiring stories.

There is an absolute abundance of content out there!! Below is just some of the ones I enjoyed the most and gained that little extra boost.

Chelsea Dinsmore shares 33 honest and personal facts about herself, a great read!

Leo Babauta posts a great hints and tips on Sense of Direction.

Rob Topper and others blog about happiness, success, health and more
 Featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and more, Eric gives a great insight on science based answers to being awesome in life!

Is it compilations of quotes you’re looking for? Or are you looking to improve yourself and expand your boundaries? You can find that here.

Maria Popova gives great insights to what matters in the world and why.

Steven Aitchison helps readers with personal development, lifestyle, relationships and more.

Henrik Edberg blogs about Happiness and Awesomeness Tips that work in real life.

A large community that help each other by sharing stories of change.

Over 500 self-improvement articles to view to help guide you through the inevitable changes of life.

Theo Ellis (TJ) shares his advice on self-confidence and self-improvement.

Thea Estra publishes lots of positive, upbeat content to empower people.

Thought Catalog is a website dedicated to fun, smart, and creative stories and ideas.

I could have easily compiled a list of 100 or more but I wanted to get these out to you all as quickly as possible. I want you to find that extra boost you may be needing at the moment, and hopefully one of the places I mentioned above, will be able to provide exactly that.

Maybe you know of some others that would be of help, I’d love to hear about them if you do.

Until next time,
Stay safe, stay smiling J