Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Top 10 "Feel Good" Images.

Happy Saturday!!

Ordinarily, I load my posts up with sentence after sentence....tonight I thought I would do something a little different. As regular readers know, I went through a pretty bad patch but managed to crawl my way back out of it and see the better side of things. One thing that helped was the posts I had put on Instagram (feel free to check them out  My son had them printed up for me and displayed so when I walked into different parts of the house, one was always in view....

Now I know not everyone is set up on Instagram so I thought I'd add my favourite ones here for my readers to enjoy.

These are the 10 pics that have been the most help to me, and from the feedback I receive, the ones that are helping to motivate or inspire others. I hope you like them and I hope that some may even inspire you.

Mistakes are normal...

Shine Bright

Stay Strong, Soulja On!

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Be the best person you can be.

Display determination!

You are your author, don't let anyone take that .

Positive beats negative


You matter!!

This last one I made large as I feel it is the most important...

Please feel free to print these up to display around your environment or share with others that you may think will benefit from these.

I'd love to hear if any of them have helped you feel good, Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below :)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Get Your Kids To Sleep, First Time!

Every parent has had nights where their young children have kept them up, often for hours and hours on end. I remember when my youngest was born I managed to run on autopilot more than anything else. I had 3 under 3yrs and it would seem that the moment I got them settled, one would wake up, resulting in the others waking up to. It's the ultimate nightmare; you end up short on sleep for your busy day, and you're constantly worrying about how your child is feeling. No parent wants to experience it, it's just something that seems to end up happening to everyone. The problem doesn't rest with you as a parent. Kids sleep on a different cycle from many adults, and those massive energy balls often fail to fall asleep at the times you prescribe to them. Don't despair; it's not an impossibility to get your kids to fall asleep when you want. It just requires some deliberate practice and a few strategies that go unknown to many parents. If you want your kids to sleep sound every night, and be free of any worries that cause you to have to wake up during the night, it's best to invest in the sound knowledge and advice of people that have dealt with the problem before. The good news is that it doesn't need to ruin your sleep patterns and lead you to walk around sleep deprived and half awake. With just a few simply changes to your nighttime routine, you can have your child asleep within a couple of minutes, and enjoy your nights sleep uninterrupted and free of any disturbances.

How can you do this? 

There are no magic tricks involved, just some simple shortcuts to making sure that your child is completely comfortable before going to bed. If you're sick of being kept up by your crying or angry child, then investing in information and strategy is your best bet, not spending dollar after dollar on expensive kids toys and night hangers. Don't waste your time and money on strategies that don't work -- invest in comfort and knowledge that can keep your children asleep and soundless, comfortable in their little beds.

This isn't just limited to infants and toddlers. Young children that can walk and talk still have trouble getting to bed when you ask. With their endless energy and continuous will for adventure, it can be difficult enough getting your ten year old to bed, let alone their younger sister. Don't let the bedtime resistance become a routine for you -- by using some selective and important strategies you can leave that problem in the dust and enjoy nights full of relaxation and sleep, instead of yelling and resistance.

This free report is the ultimate tool for parents looking to minimise nighttime resistance and maximise their ability to focus, relax, and enjoy a full night of sleep. If you've grown tired of having to put your kids to bed five times over, then the strategies outlined in this free report will come as a welcome relief to you.

Download Your Free Getting Your Children To Sleep Report Click here!

Don't despair; with just a small amount of guidance and information, it's easy to get your kids under control when it's their bedtime. Don't let yourself fall victim to your kids selective sleeping habits. Invest in strategy and information and watch yourself maximise your sleep and minimise your stress.

Download Your FREE Report

I hope this will be of some help, actually I hope this will be a lot of help to you if you have the same issues I had in getting your children to sleep.

I'd love to hear if this has helped or worked for you...After you've downloaded and had a read, please come back and let me know if it was beneficial.

Til next time,
Stay Safe, Stay Smiling!