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PLR - They Could Help You!

One of the biggest obstacles I faced when I first started writing my blog, was content. Writing was always something I had kept hidden, or I did it only when I felt the need to express how I was feeling. Now that my writing was about to be viewed by the world, ensuring I had content that people wanted to read was paramount! Everywhere I went I heard "Content is king" or "You must have original content to establish yourself as an authority". Occasionally that good old writing block came and producing content was sometimes difficult. I didn’t have a lot of money to outsource my content and sometimes it took me a long time to create the content. Do you face this issue as well?

Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect content to get yourself noticed, perhaps the good ol’ thinker is temporarily thought out…. Let me tell you a secret..

There are smarter ways of getting the content you need.

I almost gave up until a friend asked me if I had used PLR’s before. I had no idea at all what she was talking about so I looked into it some more. Who wouldn’t? If I can get help with content which in turn leads to more readers, then of course I’ll check it out and this could be just what I needed to get over the hump I found myself stuck on.

"Private label rights" or PLR is basically the right to use someone else's content to do whatever you want with it. Meaning you can put your name on it and claim it without copyright infringements! PLR is not to be confused with resell or master resell rights.

Here is a quick review of some of the most common rights.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights – These rights allow you do whatever you want with them. You can put your name on them, rewrite, repackage, sell, or give them away.

Private Label Rights – Is similar to unrestricted in that you can rewrite and put your name on it. But can have some limitations such as you cannot give it away for free.

Resell Right – Is simply permission from the owner of a product (e.g. an eBook) to allow you to sell it for your own profit.

Master Resell Rights – Takes resell rights a step further and allows you to sell the resell rights to the product as well as the product. Buying a set of these rights is great for initial profit, but the downside is that you cannot change the information and essentially all you are really doing is helping to build someone else's business and reputation.

You don't HAVE to create your own product in order to use PLR content. PLR should be looked at as a part of the puzzle that can help you promote YOUR business, build YOUR credibility, and make YOU all the long term profits.
PLR articles are also popular because they have a wide range of uses. When buying them, examine the writer’s preferences. There are some who will enforce strict rules. Since you are only paying to use these articles, you should have to follow their rules. On that same note, some PLR articles can be used as web content, blog postings, newsletters, eBooks, and for internet marketing.

PLR will help you:
Save time, effort, and frustration.
Build your brand and reputation.
Make more money.

PLR’s can come in many different formats.
Some examples:
Software with Source Code Rights
Affiliate Minisites
Squeeze Page Templates
Niche WordPress Themes
Photoshop Header Templates
Training Videos

I've listed the sites that I find are the best in providing quality PLR's.
(Disclaimer: the following are affiliate links and should you choose to purchase packs from them, I will earn a small percentage. I will say Thank You!)

1.Download PLR With nearly 4,000 PLR products, this site offers bundles, including graphic packs, in most niches. They have a great search feature so you can find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds! Registration is free and the option to upgrade is available with a $1 Trial. This gives access to 2,600 products. Upon signing up for your trial, I have included a downloadable PDF Budgeting Guide. (after earning through the surveys, this will come in handy!) Start Your Trial Now!

2.  This site requires no membership and gives instant download access to a range of PLR products, including reports, articles, eBooks and videos. Also available are a range of Free PLR products in a variety of niches. PLR’s start at $1.99 and there’s sure to be something for you. Find Yours Today!

3. Susanne Myers and Tracy Roberts enjoy helping entrepreneurs kick off their online business and offer PLR’s in a range of niches. You can also register and get 5 FREE PLR articles to use for your blog or website
This site is definitely a favourite of mine and I have used several of their packs and can’t fault them at all. They also offer a bundle on different ways to use a PLR bundle!  Register and Get Your FREE Articles

4. Lisa Stoops and her team have been providing PLR products for over 4 years. With 30 different product categories, PLR a La Carte stock a great variety of PLR’s ready for you to use. Sign up to receive a FREE PLR pack for you to start using immediately for your business. Sign Up Here!

5. Ruth has been a PLR content provider since 2008 and covers a variety of niches. If you cant find what you're looking for, Ruth can be contacted for a request. Subscribe to this site gives you a free PLR pack. When you sign up to the newsletter, you will receive a FREE PLR article, each and every Friday. FREE PLR Friday's!

PLR is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to build a successful Internet business but doesn’t like, want, or know how to write well, is out of ideas, or doesn't have time for product creation.
PLR articles should be rewritten to produce unique content. This is considered a must if you want to use those articles to post on your website, blog, or submit them to article directories. If you are looking to combine a number of PLR articles into an eBook or use the articles as newsletter content, rewriting isn’t necessary. Although rewriting PLR articles sounds like a lot of work, it is very easy. All you need to do is reword a few sentences or change a couple of words in each sentence.

One reason why PLR articles are increasing in popularity is because they are affordable. In fact, they are downright cheap. Depending on where you make your purchase from, you can pay $1 or less for each article. With that said, many PLR articles are sold in packages. This means that you may have to spend $10 to make a purchase, but you should get 10 articles.

PLR Content can seem too good to be true. There's got to be a catch, right?

Not really. Let's look at some of the common PLR arguments.

Argument #1
“You shouldn't buy PLR content because thousands of other people have the same content.”
Wrong. Some people see this as a real problem…but it's not.  You don’t have to create completely new or unique content for people to buy into what you are selling. You just need to meet their needs or desires. Besides it won't be the exact same content after you change it up a bit.
All good content is, well, good. There is no reason why you shouldn’t share good information with your target market especially if you have the right to do so.

Argument #2
“You will get penalized by Google for duplicate content.”
“Let's put this to bed once and for all, folks: There's no such thing as a "duplicate content penalty." At least, not in the way most people mean when they say that.”  - Google

You don’t want the exact word for word content on your web pages. Scraping content is not recommended. With PLR content you are not scraping content. You are buying the rights to the content allowing you to use it as you wish. All you have to do is add value to the PLR content and you are good.
I’ll ask a question – should you decide NOT to sell something just because someone else is selling it?
Of course not!

Argument #3
“You have to change so much of the content that it is not even worth buying it. You're better off hiring a freelance or ghost writer.”
Unless you have hundreds of dollars to spare to outsource your content then go right ahead. You can easily pay $1,000 to get an eBook ghostwritten for you.
Quality PLR content is inexpensive. You can spend less than $20 and get a variety of pieces of content to use however you want. The amount of money you will make from your finished PLR product, outweighs any amount you spent obtaining it. Depending on what you are using it for you may not have to change any of the content.
That’s pretty much the run-down of PLR’s. They can be very beneficial for those times that writing the content yourself just doesn’t seem to be happening. I hope this has helped you.
Content Determines Success!

Have you used PLR’s before? What’s your thoughts on using them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Til next time,
Stay Safe, Stay Smiling :)

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