Sunday, 22 May 2016

Escape and Meditate!

Do you try to juggle everything thrown at you in a day, and keep thinking to yourself “It’ll be right, plenty of time”? And then get to the end of the day and think “24hrs are just not enough in a day!”?

….Me too!

Each morning, after a feeble attempt at breakfast, I set about getting the tasks done for the day. Occasionally it even takes an extra coffee to get the cogs running I have to admit, particularly when some mornings I just want to crawl back into bed and pretend the computer is typing up a plethora of notes for me…(funnily enough, that has never happened, but I will keep hoping. That’s got to be positive thinking at its finest, I reckon) and then there has been some mornings in the last month or so, where I seem to be lacking motivation, inspiration, and even the co-ordination, to be able to get any of the tasks done at all.

That’s when my best friend suggested a road trip and a break, from everything! Take time out to recharge the batteries, take time out for me! At first I thought I wouldn’t have time to be able to do that, that there would be some pressing issue that needed to be dealt with, but then I thought “Why not?” It would be the perfect opportunity to take a step back from the hectic, everyday life and clear the mind and refocus. Sitting by the ocean was the perfect place for me to able to do that through meditation – another activity I didn’t seem to be able to find the time for.

Mains Beach, Lakes Entrance

How great does that look?!



While I was enjoying the company of the wildlife, and the peacefulness that Lakes Entrance (Victoria, Australia) had to offer, I wondered how many others feel like they don’t have the time for meditation, or how many weren’t aware of the many different styles of meditation. After pondering that for a while, I thought that maybe I should do a post about it, that led to also writing and publishing another eBook called “My Mini Meditation Manual” Click here to check it out!Click here to check it out!

So what is Meditation and why practice it?

Meditation refers to a state where your body and mind are consciously relaxed and focused.  Meditation provides access to the deeper recesses of our mind and can help you to stop thinking or worrying, and help you to relax by removing and refocusing thoughts that are going through your head.
There are many benefits associated with meditation. Studies have shown that practicing brings about beneficial physiological effects to the body. 

Some of these benefits can be;
¨       Improves sleep, reducing insomnia
¨       Inner peace and tranquility
¨       Reduces chronic pain
¨       Reduces stress and anxiety giving greater inner calm throughout the day
¨       Reduced cortisol (the “stress hormone”)

And they are only just a few of the benefits,

There are a range of different styles to meditating, all involve practice through either the Focused, Breathing or Guided methods. Styles can range from the well-known, such as Zen, Mantra and Yoga, and the adapted styles including Merkaba and Trataka.

If you were wanting to learn more about it, my eBook manual may have the information you’re looking for. Click here to check it out!

After my little break to the ocean, and taking that time out for myself, I came home much more refreshed and ready to tackle whatever came my way. There is something very soothing about sitting on the sand listening to the waves crashing in. Combining that with meditating was definitely what I needed. The motivation was back, the inspiration returned and the co-ordination set itself straight and achievements were made.

You might think you’re too busy to go and take time for yourself, that progress won’t continue if you do that, but what I have found is the opposite. Sometimes for progress to continue flowing smoothly, clearing the mind and refocusing is what’s needed. I returned home and I couldn’t get words typed up quickly enough.

Give it a shot and let me know if it helps you J

‘til next time,
Stay safe, Stay smiling!

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